construction and project management

A couple of examples:

howe projects can manage a wide range of building projects on behalf of architects or individual clients.

We are competent not only on the build and completion of a project, but most importantly have the associated paperwork and management systems in place to conform to projects' statutory regulations:

  • Construction Design Management compliance
  • appropriate insurances
  • committed to health & safety
  • experience in appropriate asbestos management
  • competence in successful tendering
  • experience with JCT contracts

are you:

  • an architects' practice wanting a new team to send through tenders to?
  • a project manager wanting to check out that we can manage the Health & Safety paperwork?
  • an individual wanting to check we can co-ordinate, manage and instruct sub-trades and take away the organisational headache?

If so, please contact us to discuss your requirements - or read on for more details about our approach.

Construction Design and Management 2015 (CDM)

Competent CDM is key to safe and successful projects. howe projects limited understands the necessity for strict adherence to new regulations governing under CDM 2015 (not only the associated paperwork) but also the methods of working on-site and the overall management and co-ordination. Our practices and knowledge has taken into consideration the changes with CDM 2015 & our management of CDM obviously does not just begin and end on-site with operatives. howe projects limited understand how this combines to help with total safe management.

howe projects limited are familiar with the production of:

  • pre-tender Health and Safety documentation and forms
  • construction phase Health and Safety Plan
  • Health and Safety files

Health and Safety files contain information not only on day to day cleaning but also details on planned maintenance and associated documents such as 'as built' drawings, Electrical Test Certificates, Maintenance Manuals and COSH details for installed items.

insurances and liabilities

howe projects limited understands the importance of having appropriate cover of their works. Copies of insurance documentation can be forwarded upon request. Our insurance brokers work with us to ensure that we have the desired cover for our particular works.

health and safety

Clients may require a one page 'Assessment of Risks' and 'Statement of Method to reduce or eliminate risks' or they may require full Construction Design Management (CDM). Whatever the situation, howe projects limited has great experience in these fields.

Health and Safety management is a key component to competent working. howe projects limited have: Health and Safety Policy, Health and Safety Procedures, Health and Safety Feedback Methods, Health and Safety Communication Procedures, & Health and Safety Improvement and Implementation Procedure. All these are used to improve the method we work.

Logo: SafeContractorhowe projects has had formal recognition for being accredited to the industry recognised Safecontractor scheme. Under the Safecontractor scheme, businesses undergo a vetting process which examines health and safety procedures and their track record for safe practice.

asbestos management

Keeping people safe is a must. Not only as an employer must we ensure we keep our staff safe, we must as a contractor keep the general public, site staff, clients' staff safe also, and prevent exposure to harmful asbestos fibres. Predominately for most significant projects we will be required to ask to see the specific current Asbestos Register.

Dealing with or 'managing' Asbestos. It is our experience that asbestos can be dealt with or 'managed' to varying degrees. It can be left alone, not touched, labelled and referenced and details kept on file. It can be encapsulated i.e. clad over with suitable materials, i.e. Encapsulation paint, clad with MDF/timber/stone/metal pattresses. It can be taken out and disposed of in a controlled and safe managed manner with approved contractors.

howe projects limited have experience in contracting suitable Asbestos Management Contractors/Samplers to investigate and survey dependant upon the intrusive extent requested:

  • Type 1 (Presumptive - Location and assessment)
  • Type 2 (Standard Sampling, identification and assessment)
  • Type 3 (Full access sampling and identification)
  • where necessary employing Asbestos Removal and subsequent air testing specialists


It is common practice for works to be conducted via the formal tender process. Dependant upon the complexity and the detail required tenders might need to be returned 'bottom line figure', 'fixed price', or 'itemised'. 'Open tendering', 'restricted tendering', 'competitive dialogue' and 'negotiated tendering' are all forms EU tenders practices that howe projects limited are familiar with. howe projects limited has competence in completing tenders to all these specifications.

We try to give as much information as is available to us and so if particular items are taken out of a project then these can be omitted from Draft Final Accounts so assisting the compilation of final accounts and quickly confirming works valuations

JCT Contracts - Minor Works, Design and Build, Standard Building Contract

howe projects limited have undertaken many JCT contracts and understand the nature of how these are to be managed from the point of view of contractor, contract administrator, and client. Differing levels of sophistication/details may be needed to be contained within a suitable contract. JCT contracts including: Minor Works, Design and Build, Standard Building Contract etc can be used to achieve contract particulars. howe projects' responsibilities within JCT contracts are understood and our high expectations and standards ensure we fulfil our duties to exemplary levels.

statutory requirements

Clients may require various statutory details to be organised and managed these may include applications for:

  • building warrant/building control
  • advertising consent
  • planning applications

howe projects are comfortable undertaking this management. Details specific to utilities and council fees and payments will need to be discussed so that the relevant bodies are paid by those with the authority to do so.

Logos: Safe Contractor and Construction Line

howe projects has had formal recognition for being accredited to the industry recognised Safecontractor scheme.
As a member of Construction Line, buyers can be reassured that we have been assessed to government and industry standards.