howe Projects ltd pride themselves in offering design services including:

  • Auto Cad dimensioned plans
  • Conceptual Designs/Images
  • Three Dimensional 3D construction drawings
  • Electronic transferable Drawings
  • Setting out dimensioned plans
  • Space Planning
  • 3D 'walk-through'. i.e visual views from front entrance ways, through the store into and out of rooms
  • Completed 'As Built' Drawings

Clients may ask:

  • What will the store look like?
  • What colours would be good?
  • Where would be the best place for my reception desk?
  • How big can we make the new store? It is hard to tell as it is still covered in old shop fittings

Often a client may have an idea that needs to be put down visually and tweaked before construction, so that everyone knows what they are going to get on completion.

This may just require setting out dimensioned drawings or they may need initial conceptual images. We can be commissioned to produce conceptual images, construction drawings, 3D dimensioned drawings and setting-out plans.

Example 1: Lakelovers

The alterations and refurbishment of the redundant retail unit and offices into prestige headquarters offices were sensitively worked to deliver the new home for Lakelovers.

Example 2: The Rest Bite

Conceptual designs were drafted up. Dimensional setting out drawings were produced.

Conceptual "walk-throughs"

Here are a couple of conceptual walk-throughs that we have produced:

Kendal College - bar


howe projects ltd are happy to assist clients in having more informed decisions and choices on the overall look that they will gain when they use our services. This may mean a little more design work at the early stages, but this should fine tune the clients ideas and finishes and more accurately achieve clients' desires.

Other examples of designs

See: Alnwick College - Duchess's School College

Logos: Safe Contractor and Construction Line

howe projects has had formal recognition for being accredited to the industry recognised Safecontractor scheme.
As a member of Construction Line, buyers can be reassured that we have been assessed to government and industry standards.