James Cropper PLC: Technical Building

  • James Cropper have an extensive estate and are constantly up grading and improving their facilities. One of the laboratories is located in a building that is situated at the entrance way next to the river Kent. This facility has had some external maintenance recently by others and Howe Projects Ltd were invited to assist with the internal re-design and up grade of the operation.
  • The Technical Building is “The Old School Building” in Burneside.
  • The only room that was not refurbished was the Wet Lab that is considered for a later date.
  • Howe Projects stripped back wall linings ceilings floor coverings, drains and associated services to go back to shell and re-configure the space to the desired high quality finish demanded by Cropper.
  • An influential driving force for the high level of detail and quality appearance is that the Technical laboratories would become part of the overall corporate customer experience. This operation is a key area where guests and customers may be taken for guided tours to certain facilities to showcase James Cropper operations.
  • The high ceilings and details of the old building structure were left exposed in various areas, whilst also installing a new mezzanine floor and spiral staircase allowed for archiving and storage of vital documents.
  • The existing stair was revitalised with the installation of a glass balustrading.
  • State of the art laboratory equipment where installed.
  • New toilets and kitchen facility were provided for staff.
  • Specific design was also provided from external consultants for the reception and greeting areas to provide the visual sensation that James Cropper strived to deliver. A superb upgrade has been achieved for James Cropper now giving improved surroundings and technically superior working environments.

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